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The 401(k) Millionaire

by Knute Iwaszko, Brian O'Connell
Hardcover - 224 pages 1 edition (January 1999)
Villard Books; ISBN: 0375502130
In simple, accessible language and clear, detailed steps for financial success, "The 401(K) Millionaire" thoroughly explains the ins and outs of how the 401(k) plan works--and then fully describes a foolproof formula for maximizing its potential.

How to Enjoy Your Retirement : Activities from A to Z

by Tricia Wagner, Barbara Day
Paperback (April 1998)
VanderWyk & Burnham; ISBN: 1889242020
From The Publisher:

Fun, not finances, is emphasized here. A great gift, with over one thousand activity ideas punctuated by fun artwork and fun quotations. Toll-free numbers, website and snail mail addresses abound to make it easy to pursue an idea right away.

Retirement Places Rated : The Single Best Sourcebook for Planning Your Retirement or Finding Your Second Home (5th Ed)
by David Savageau
Paperback - 336 pages 5th Upd edition (April 1998)
Macmillan General Reference; ISBN: 0028620844
A revised and expanded edition ranks and compares more than two hundred top retirement areas according to costs of living, housing, climate, personal safety, services, employment opportunities, and leisure activities, and guides in choosing the best location for one's lifestyle.

The American Bar Association Legal Guide for Older Americans : The Law Every American over Fifty Needs to Know

by Charles P. Sabatino, American Bar Association, Nancy m Coleman
Paperback - 272 pages 1 Ed edition (January 1998)
Times Books; ISBN: 0812929373
Americans over 50 have more to deal with than just wrinkles and mortality. There are serious legal issues concerning health, work, home, and family. Concise information is what's needed, and what's provided by the American Bar. From age discrimination in employment to disability rights, Medicare benefits to estate planning, it's getting less easy all the time to age with a modicum of awareness and understanding. Reading up on these issues is less appealing than picking daisies, but it doesn't have to be drudgery. It's a good idea to keep on your shelf a book with smart, clear explanations of all the issues you've been avoiding, so when you need to know about retirement or survivor benefits, want health insurance counseling, or are curious about grandparents' visitation rights, there'll be no excuse not to find out.

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